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The HUMANS of Wine is a storytelling project that involves different social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. It was born during the Covid -19 emergency to respond to the need of bringing people together – which, we believe, is the magic at the core of the wine industry.

As "humans of wine" ourselves, we used to gather as many people as possible to our events with the aim of sharing our passion about (Italian) wine. As the virus spread out we had to unfortunately stop our trips and cancel our events but we never stopped listening to the stories of all the professionals and friends who were going through the same unprecedented storm.

We decided to bring them together trying to do “digitally” what we were used to do in person. This is how this all started and we do hope that The Humans of Wine project will keep growing telling stories of new challenges and rebirths in the wine industry.​

The HUMANS of Wine are producers, sommeliers, journalists, bloggers, influencers, importers and distributors, retailers, consultants & more.

WE, Humans, all work TOGETHER as different BRANCHES of the same VINE.

The HUMANS of Wine’s goal is to gather different voices from the wine industry to show multiple perspectives on this difficult moment. We believe that everyone and each point of view matters in order to possibly restart soon with a new awareness with reference to the way we tackle our jobs and tasks.

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